Coaching for Truth

A Dale Carnegie study of 1500 employees showed that 29% of the workforce is engaged, 45% are not engaged, and 26% are actively disengaged. How does your team rate? Do you have a culture that inspires your employees to put their best foot forward in all your business objectives? Are you intentional about creating an environment that inspires loyalty, development and excellence? The Coaching Firm brings over 25 years of sales coaching experience into developing and engaging your employees for your business success. 

Relational Truth

Family includes anyone who you are in an emotional relationship with. When you struggle in your relationships, you will not be in the position to be the best version of yourself. Often, you will be what everyone needs you to be instead of who you choose to be for your own best purpose. We tend to get lost pleasing others instead of honoring ourselves. What your relationships need most is the most authentic version of you.

Coaching helps you:

  • Manage the perspectives of others while seeking out your perspective. 
  • Discern which relationships to nurture & which interfere with your success
  • Let go of bad habits that interfere with your ability to thrive in relationships
  • Develop intentional relationships to support who you are & who you want to be


Personal Truth

Faith is about believing in God but your Personal Truth is about living the potential that God has equipped you for. Do you have enough Faith in yourself to claim all you want for success? Can you see yourself actually doing it? Are you secure in the most authentic version of yourself?

Coaching helps you:

  • Understand and utilize the best strengths that you possess
  • Learn to use your pattern of thinking to your advantage
  • Stay accountable to the Truth about who you are
  • Recognize where to rely on yourself and when to enlist help from others
  • Honor yourself enough to take action and live the life that you want.


Lifestyle Truth

Health directly influences how much you enjoy the benefits of living an authentic and successful life. We need to take care of ourselves or we are ignoring the needs of the star player on our team. To be the best version of yourself you have to protect your physical and emotional truth. Do the best you can in the circumstances you have to be able to look in the mirror and smile at the healthiest version of you.

 Coaching helps you:

  • Stay accountable to your health strategy
  • Coach yourself out of bad, unhealthy habits
  • Manage negative thinking so it doesn’t damage your emotional health
  • Improve your mental health by making focused decisions paired with clear perspective


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The Coaching Firm is headed by Leanne Heintz, CPC. After 20+ years, she has emerged as a gifted strategist who turns obstacles into opportunity. Get ready for Steady. Sustained. Growth.

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