Coaching for Truth

A Dale Carnegie study of 1500 employees showed that 29% of the workforce is engaged, 45% are not engaged, and 26% are actively disengaged. How does your team rate? Do you have a culture that inspires your employees to put their best foot forward in all your business objectives? Are you intentional about creating an environment that inspires loyalty, development and excellence? The Coaching Firm brings over 25 years of sales coaching experience into developing and engaging your employees for your business success. 

The Truth about your Culture

A business thrives when all the players on your team clearly understand what the business needs from them. Your team is most successful when you empower employees to contribute their strengths to the success of the company.  Your employees need structure, motivation, and appreciation in order to contribute the most to your team.  Your ability to coach your rock stars and under-performers directly affects your bottom line.

Coaching helps your employees:

  • Become engaged and effective 
  • Identify untapped potential and shore up weaknesses
  • Manage stress in a high-performace and fast-paced environment
  • Feel empowered and valued

The Truth about your Brand

What is your company all about? Who do your customers think you are? Do your sales objectives align with your brand strategy? Is your message clear? Many businesses struggle with articulating their brand’s identity and communicating who they are to their clients. Business systems and processes can interfere with effectively representing your brand.  How your brand is represented by employees, marketing and advertising, operations, and sales processes needs to be clear and cohesive. Preserving the integrity of your brand through all channels translates into success.

Coaching helps your company:

  • Stay on message in all circumstances
  • Make business decisions that facilitate brand loyalty
  • Identify relationships and opportunities to grow your brand
  • Align your team with your brand objectives
  • Market your brand more effectively

The Truth about your Success

Running a business is a balancing act that can feel like running from fire to fire. As a business owner, you are constantly accountable to your employees and clients. Managing the responsibilites of running a business can be overwhelming, and work-life balance often goes out the window.  A business owner’s effectiveness directly impacts the business’ success. How you make business decisions and face company challenges is the guideline for how your team handles business challenges. Are you working proactively or reactively? 

 Coaching helps you:

  • Think through decisions effectively to create business success
  • Stay accountable to business objectives despite distractions
  • Remain positive when things go wrong
  • Manage stress and keep sight of a life beyond the business

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