Our Commitment to Clients

Over the years, I’ve coached clients through stressful life
situations. Professional situations include career success, career change, and
business restructures. More personal challenges have ranged from the death of a
spouse, terminal disease management, and divorce. All my clients share a unifying desire

to make the best possible decisions during challenging life situations. As a coach, I provide

unbiased perspective when life is clouded by stress and emotion.  I discover your inner strengths,

identify your thinking patterns, and help you make the best choices in your life.


Coaching empowers you to create strong strategies for forward motion in your life or business.


Coaching provides accountability as you act on your strategies for positive life choices.


Coaching gives you someone who understands you, develops you, and commits totally to your success


Coaching works. You’re in the right place for making positive changes in your life or your business.

My Coaching Journey

I started my career in sales and business development. Because I am highly driven to excel at whatever I do, my success as a salesperson sky-rocketed. I moved quickly into management roles. From early on,
I set my mind to learning everything I could from each career role.

I found myself fascinated by what it takes to run a successful business and soon adopted a business owner’s perspective. Every opportunity suddenly became an avenue for creating winning strategies. This was such a successful career approach, that I found myself negotiating and brainstorming with top executives and business owners.

While my career took the spotlight, my personal life wasn’t quite so successful. I faced personal difficulties and life obstacles, obstacles that I was forced to overcome. The adversities forced me to examine my own identity, answering questions about myself that I hadn’t known to ask. Above all, my struggles made me focus on empowering myself to become the very best version of myself.

Asking those questions about who I was at the deepest levels, revealed a whole new person to me. I learned that I am intuitive and empathetic. These qualities allow me to see things from multiple, simultaneous perspectives. I intuitively grasp what people need in any given situation. I am skilled at translating information into something that can be understood and applied. And I inspire people to take positive action.

This new understanding of who I am directed me to expand my career into corporate sales training, public speaking, and hosting a radio talk show. When I realized that I wanted to impact the lives of individuals as well as businesses, I decided to get my professional coaching certification. Becoming a coach has been a way to use my experiences to make a difference in peoples’ lives. There is nothing more rewarding than discovering the truth about who you are, and then using that to improve someone else’s life and business.

My personal journey has been a long one. Now, I live every day knowing that I am doing exactly what I’m meant to. In discovering my gift, I have been privileged to serve my clients and help them discover their inner truth.

Our Coaching Specialties


Divorce Coaching

Helping others navigate the turmoil of a divorce is very personal to us. This high-stakes, high-stress life situation requires clear decision-making.

Don’t navigate divorce alone.

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Sales Coaching

One of the biggest returns on your investment comes from developing your sales personnel. We have over 25 years of experience in sales coaching.

Set your sales team up for success.

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Small Business

Own a small business? We know the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face.  We create strategies that deliver real, measurable growth.

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